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We believe that the local Church is the hope and answer to the biggest needs of our community. We also believe this is done by equipping and engaging people like you to use your gifts and skills to be the Church in your neighborhood.

This page will have current neighboring ideas and engagement opportunities that will align with the ongoing activities of SERVE 6.8. While we can do great ministry as an organization, we can do so much more when others are actively working towards the same goals too.

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Summer Serve Ideas

  1. Keep an eye out for SERVE Day communication, Save the Date for July 16
  2. Offer to pull weeds or mow the yard of elderly or disabled neighbors
  3. Offer extra garden produce to neighbors or donate extra to SERVE 6.8
  4. Invite neighborhood kids over for a water gun or water balloon fight
  5. Organize a neighborhood BBQ and block party
  6. Spend time on your front porch or yard, be available to say hello to people walking by
  7. Go on evenings walks and start conversations with neighbors you haven't met yet
  8. Drop off care packages with summer related activities (chalk, bubbles, water balloons, lemonade, Otterpops, flower seeds, coffee gift cards, etc)
  9. Host / Organize a neighborhood movie night, everyone can bring their own chairs & snacks
  10. Keep an eye out for your church's communication to see what organized serving events you can sign up for

Let us know if there are other ways we can help you neighbor well

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