The Story of 


The Story of Adopt-A-Family 2020

It all started 20 years ago, when a small group of folks at a local church decided to help families provide Christmas presents for their kids. Their heart was to help meet the financial needs of families at a vulnerable time of year, while connecting them to a larger community base for future help.

This year has been incredibly difficult for local families and businesses as we have navigated COVID and the two largest wildfires in Colorado history. Our community needs our support more than ever and we expect to serve over 2,000 families this Christmas season. The Giving Tree is a unique way to benefit families as well as businesses; our hope is that you will purchase gifts for families at local businesses whenever possible. Our goal is to empower families by supporting them as a community while helping them achieve self-sustainability through the everyday ministries of SERVE 6.8.

How Adopt-A-Family Works

It’s simple really. You grab a gift ornament from the Giving Tree and bring a new toy or gift card back to the tree. Make sure the ornament is loosely attached, and our dedicated tree volunteers will bring all these precious toys to the Toy Room at the SERVE 6.8 Resource Center. From there, we have an army of volunteers who pack each family’s gifts from the Toy Room, working from a wish list provided by our families. Families pick up their gifts from churches all over the area and are invited to continue receiving care and be connected to a local church and SERVE 6.8.

What Kind of Ornament Should I Choose?

It depends on how you would like to help the family you will be supporting. Many families enjoy grabbing ornaments for children of similar ages as their children. Every family we help gets a $50 grocery gift card, so you may be passionate about helping families have a Christmas Dinner together. Or, you may not have the time to shop for a toy, but you can help financially sponsor a family’s Christmas experience. Whatever ornament you choose; just know you will be helping make Christmas possible for 2,000 families in Northern Colorado.

How Does the Adopt-A-Family Virtual Tree Work?

This year we must be mindful that it is not be safe for many vulnerable people to shop for toys. In addition, many businesses are operating in a different capacity, so we created the Adopt-A-Family Virtual Giving Tree that allows people to shop while staying safe at home. Click Here to head to our Virtual Giving Tree where you can click an ornament and view toy ideas or shop from a variety of toys we have preselected. Follow the instructions on the ornament page and if you shop from Amazon, your toys will ship directly to SERVE 6.8. Please let us know in the Amazon Gift Message, which business your toy came from.

How Can You Reach Us?

You can contact us through our website at or you can email us directly at

Thank you for your support and have a Merry Christmas!

SERVE 6.8 Team

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Financial or Toy donations allow us to meet tangible needs of families through our Toy Room.

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Financially sponsor a family's Christmas gifts or provide gifts directly to a family.

SERVE 6.8 partners with churches to meet tangible needs of families while guiding them to financial sustainability and church connection. The Adopt-A-Family ministry meets tangible needs of families at Christmastime while connecting families to year-round ministries of SERVE 6.8 & its partner churches.

Families referred into the ministry are connected with a regional Christmas Family Festival or directly with an individual, family, or church.

To find out more about Adopt-A-Family, email us at or call 970-449-5402